To My Kids, Beautiful Daughter Qualities

Being bold, silly, strong, confident, independent, intelligent, brave and fierce is what makes Daughter beautiful.

My daughters know this from the day they were born. Beauty is what’s in your heart not your looks. I love my daughters with all my heart always & forever. 💕💕💕

Let's teach our daughters
it's not about being beautiful.
Teach them to be bold. Be silly.
Be strong. Be confident.
Be independent. Be intelligent.
Be brave and be fierce.
Be real in a world full of fake.
Let's redefine Beauty.

I am so happy that God helped us raise a beautiful daughter wit all those qualities and is such a wonderful human being.

I agree wholeheartedly on all you read above but taking care of your physical appearance and being beautiful (when kept in check) is good too!!!

Being a good human being and wanting to take care of your outside is not a bad thing either! Be the best version God gave to the opportunity to be!
Teach them to be themselves. Praise their accomplishments. A child will become what they a good example...

I teach my children  on how to live independently and not to depends with other and be confident and have a  determination in life.and be reach their goal..

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