Lets teach our daughters

Let's teach our daughters
it's not about being beautiful.
Teach them to be bold. Be silly.
Be strong. Be confident.
Be independent. Be intelligent.
Be brave and be fierce.
Be real in a world full of fake.
Let's redefine Beauty.

Also it's Better to say “ teach our kids” not just daughters. Our sons also need to understand the real beauty and be charmed by that not just the look and the body!

Beauty can also coexist with everything that is listed.  Why not teach all of it.  Let our daughters embrace their beauty just as much as any other trait they possess.

When my daughter was little and someone would tell her she is pretty, I always reminded her that she is very lucky to be pretty but it is much more important to be smart and nice.

Teach them also to love themselves. Beauty is not on the outside it's what on the inside your heart. You can be the prettiest person and still be ugly because of your attitude.

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