Saying I'm okay with eyes full of tears

I do this all the time, nobody  understands or cares.

I say it a lot even when I'm not. You don't want to burden others with your problems so you just smile and carry on "Yes, I'm fine, thanks" 😥

WOW! We all have the same human issues, thinking no one cares. Sometimes it’s just easier to deal alone with your problems.

I hate texting,except in certain circumstances,because there's not an emotionional connection in that type of communication,by hearing someones voice you can tell if they are ok or not,there seems to be an epidemic of family's not communicating with each other anymore,it's just heartbreaking.

Yes! Because eyes with tears falling is not always a sign of weaknesses but instead, a sign of being strong and survivor! 👍🏻

More times than I wish, because I’m tired of the struggle, because I don’t want to worry others and because sometimes no one cares anymore.
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