I am so very blessed with the best mom on earth

I love my mom: No matter what we go through, no matter how much we argue, because I know, at the end, she'll always be there.

Mom: Aw I love you my daughter and yes I will forever be there for you. It's true my baby love you too and i will be there for you always no matter what.

She won't always be there. Treasure her while she lives. I am so very blessed with the best mum on earth.  I truly lucked out! My mom was my world. But she's been gone so long but I still carry the pain of losing her. The day will come when your Mom will not be here. Best to make it good now. Miss my mom every split second today I miss her the most. My heart is broken getting used to not having her is hard. Miss her voice our conversations.

Even in my old age I miss my Mom she teaches me how to forgive and to forget she is my good example to live in the better way of life, I’ll see you mom at the right time in heaven 

I love you Mom even thou you are not with us anymore. Even in my this age I need her support and love and blessings though she is not here on the earth but her blessings are with us. She went to Heaven! We will Always Love Her. Gone but Never Forgotten! R.I.P. Our Angel watching over Us!

Sad some people do not realize how important to love and care about their mother with/without their faults, until it is too late and they are no longer of this world.  Some are so self-centered, materialistic, and just think about themselves and never look further than their own nose. Never taking ownership for any part of their roles that caused arguements. Never remembering what their own mother has done and sacrifice for them as a whole. Yes, I'm a Mom and yes I know like all Mothers, we are not perfect, but I do know they do have faults and needs of their own, but we so love our kids, grandkids. 

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