Follow God's advice and throw away bad people

Again if you ask, why did God put that person in my life in the first place?
Answer: There is always a lesson, it may not be clear at first,  but one day you will look back and realize why!

The Word of God says that we are the temple of God. So why should we allow people to use and abuse us. We go through hurt, anger, and alot more.  Blame belongs to us we make the wrong choices "we have only one person to blame "me" We choose the wrong road.

God loves us and wants us to have His peace.  Not a peace that the world gives, so sometimes bad people have to not be a part of your life.

God gives us the signs; we just need to pay attention and have faith.

There is another Question if you ask What about the good people he takes from your life who have never hurt anyone no reason i can see for that.
if you look at it as the story of life, and their chapter ended, that is the reason.

God works in mysterious ways . But his way is truth and light . You often don’t see his meaning at first . Anger , confusion , hurt , distrust of his way will take you and cloud your judgement . It will come clear to you the why and why me . We often hang on to things God is trying to show you to let go of . We can Block our own Blessings .
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