Most Lonely Person

The person who tries to keep everyone happy and always cares for everyone is always the most lonely person. Strange but true.

Trust in the lord he will see through your life help and keep helping out there where u can love the earth and the earth will love u.

If your trying to keep everyone happy it's a stressful job and creates the need for a certain amount solitude to regain your sanity. If your truly lonely it's actually the same as bored, you need to find something to do.

For me personally the  more you do for other people the less they think of you , the other side is I know I am a good and kind person 😊

Try not to Think about it and make that Dog your best friend they will always love you unconditionally a true Friend!

Yes,its true. Kindhearted people,feel shut out alot. Want to fix others lives. Make everyone better. It's hard to step back ,and not do that. Hard lesson to learn,that alot of people,dont give a darn about you.

Loneliness is a feeling that can be replaced with the love of God in your heart and soul then your never alone Never.

Sadly, it can also be the person who is the most under appreciated... 💙

Yes and no. I'm like this and yes sometimes I feel un appreciated, but my reward is knowing I'm a decent person and I can hold my head up high whilst smiling 😁

Being nice is always being expected and from your love one.  We cannot be bad nor even a slightest bit of wanting to be ourself back again..  even when u wanted to be yourself back,  your love one cannot accept the othe side of u.. and start judging you..  who are we? Can we be ourself or are we constantly trying to do the right thing and have lost the other side of us? Is really tiring..  there are people who are born with a big and nurturing heart.  And this is thier true nature..  but what about if you are born as a scorpion, trying to improve yourself to be a better person?  It is not natural to be good..  a lot of effort done..  in the end,  people around me cannot accept my the other side of me and start judging me..  sigh
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