I am so blessed to have several True friends

As we go through life,
we start to understand that it's
not important to have a lot of
friends. What truly matters is
that we have real friends.
So true! I can count them on one hand and am blessed to have them!! The true friends are always there when  you need them.

I thank the good Lord everyday for bringing you in to my life and keeping you there for always. As long as I have you as my friend, one friend is all I need!!😘

True friends are to come by, you are fortunate if you have one true friend. Always be wise in finding a true friend and be very blessed!

Don’t have friends but living good with everyone I respect myself other respect me with honesty and trust , now I have lots of fans on face book and messenger which make me happy , thank u all.

I have fantastic friends in my life and I'm grateful for them all.  But,  it is a two way thing,  it doesn't just happen.