Left Handers, I love being a lefty

Left handers: are creative, smart andhave a big heart. Who do you know is a lefty?

I'M A LEFTY... WE'RE IN OUR RIGHT MINDS 😊 i am lefty and i approve this statement ❣️😁😂

I hate when you sign those pads in stores where you swipe your credit cards and the darn thing is all the way to the left no room for my hand to sign. The cashiers just look at me, I just scribble away.  Anyone know why there are so few of us. I love being a lefty!

A few people I am close to are left handed. And they are smart, loving, creative, understanding people. I can't say enough good things about them.

I am a lefty and happy. I use scissors with the right hand....hammer a nail with left or right hand (when one arm is tired I switch) Drives anyone watching me pound a nail nuts. I cut bread left handed but slice meat from a roast right handed. Can sign my name backwards either hand and upside down. I'm thinking i may have been bored at some time and entertained myself.
I’m a lefty when I write or do anything generally.  but I play sports with my right as well as guitar.

Anyone else do stuff with both? Both mostly lefty?

This is true! But also, being left handed has ment that I am now ambidextrous, the world is so biased and most things are ment for right handed people that since a child I learnt to use right hand, right foot just as good as my left. So yeah, a plus plus really.
Oh. P.s
Hate it when right handed people hold their knife and fork the wrong way around
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