I love and miss you mom

I miss my mother. you never quite get over the loss. I hope that you know that I love and miss you

I keep seeing my mum in my dreams and she’s alive and we’re on holiday or going somewhere then I turn to her and say but you passed away .. then I start crying and wake up ... mum passed away.

I miss my mother but at the end she was going through so much pain and suffering I know now she's in heaven she's not going through no more pain and suffering now I love her and I miss her I know one day I'll be with her we all will be.

My mom was my best friend. Was always there for me and she is so missed I think about my mom every day and I will always know she is with me everyday,I talk to her every day and night.

So many things that were never said.  So many years we lost.  I will always carry the love in my heart for you Mom and treasure the good memories we all had growing up knowing that no matter what I would never have traded you Mom for anything else or anyone else if I could go back!  I still miss you Mom!
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