Life comes around only once, Life is short

Love people and things that make you happy.  Let go of negative people and things that bring you down and always keep God the head of your life.

Life is so short, don't let people dictate who or how you should be.  Love yourself and find your own happy, not somebody else's idea of what it is.

We never know how much time we have.  Life is very short.

Oh yes i sure do agree, God bless all and I am usually around persons who make me laugh or smile alot I am so lucky!!

This is a very good message, but the 1st part is very debatable. Life doesn't come around just once.

Life is so very it and make good use if every second being happy.

I believe life comes around many times over.  I'd like to come back next time and know what I know now.  But it doesn't work that way.  I do know that water seeks it's own level.  If you're happy and positive you attract the same.  It's the "law" of attraction.  So be happy and positive.
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