Be happy and be who you are

Even if you hear a bad story about me, understand, there was a time I was good to those people too, but they won't tell you that part.

So true and keep your circle small 😉 you'll be much happier.

It's true,they don't remember you've done them good,what they remember is you've done something wrong.

Even if there is nothing bad to say, they make it up to make themselves look good.  GOD can see you.  God doesnt like ugly.  Dont block your blessings.  ✌
That sounds so much like what my daughter would do...bad mouth me to everybody just because didn't get her way. People going to be people. No matter how good you are to them,  there will always be someone who will think you'll a negative person. Because they are too busy lying to themselves and on me for their actions!🙄

Some people only remember when you didn’t give to them not when you gave and gave!

When someone is negating & pointing fingers at you, they should take a look in the mirror at themselves. Be happy & be who you are 😊

Some people are only willing to tell others how you’ve hurt them, they will never tell what they’ve done to you!

Thats life. People are only bad about others to feel good about themselves. Insecurity on their behalf.   Keep others down it keeps them up.  Leave these folk to their own devices, karma as a way of sorting such as this out. Judging and condeming others before you know them isnt my idea of nice, but im afraid it happens. I hear it every day. But i say dont be horrid until you  know that person yourself.. judge for yourself.

Because they keep on impressing others inspite of their  wrong deeds. They are the legitimate twister of the truth who are always wearing mask wherever they go.

For get them obviously you're more important are they wouldn't be talking about you cuz you're not talking about them.
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