Do everything with a good heart

Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return, and you will never be disappointed. Expectations is the root of all heartache.

It makes me feel so good to help someone specially to my family until I’m still around I won’t stop and not expecting in returns.

Never repay evil with evil you can be anything but ungrateful in life.

Do not expect nothing in return but it hurts when people are ungrateful and forget the things that people do for them and turn back and put those people down but God is great and he knows everything.

Actually nowadays you won't get anything in return but horrible bad things and that's only for being good to others but still one good thing you will earn which is knowing how bad and tricky people could be.

When your heart is open, you give. When your heart is open, you also receive. It’s the law of the universe... open hearted people are happy people. YES!! Thank you can be really effective 😉

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