An Attractive Man

There's absolutely nothing wrong in a men doing the cooking or doing the dishes or doing any household chores!Men doing all of that is one of a kind....💕

We share all the house work depending on who has the most time. So there is no task that I would not take on. Ironing my wife's tops can be a bit tricky, especially if she won't stand still. 😂😂

And the same for a lady too. Nothing more attractive than a woman who knows how to keep house and look after her man and children.

Finding a man that works and doesn't sit on his backside all day is impossible so one that does dishes and cooks, right?! 🤔

A man who cooks is attractive. A man who does the dishes is irresistible.

Then I have a king because he cooks  does the dish vaccums laundry cleans the bathroom. We're a good team.

Do we get bonus points for ironing and cleaning specially the bathrooms and toilets  and vacuuming 🤔 it’s the team that makes the dream 😂

Well I work a full time job all kinda hr to pay all the bills. I cook clean do laundry an do a hole lot more around the house an yard . Some times I wish that I was irresistible rather then feeling like a robot. An I wish that my partner would see everything that I do rather then the few thing that I don't do . But sometimes I just need to rest even if it's not at the right time for her.😭😢

Love cooking for my family, gives my Queen a break, we still fight over doing the dishes, she wins, her time to unwind she says, I can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in the pan!