A gift we each should give to our self, Enjoy the beach

I love doing that. Take all the stress away. Nice way to have a mini vacation. Shut off My phone, drive to the beach, forget everything, and just listen to the sound of the waves crashing.
I just want to do that and never come back to reality ever again!

That is exactly what I'm going to do I'm heading for the beach going to get some sun and screw all the projects oh yeah that's right I'm retired one of these days I believe that.
All sounds great, but most of you need your phones to use social media to say " look where I am and what I'm doing......"
Turn off the phone and head North.  Little cabin in the woods and watch the northern lights... Ahhhhhh   happy place!!!
Phone is good for beach just taking photos of nature ya I don’t talk on beach.

Would love this, but the last time I was at the beach, I could not hear the waves because of the radio that was ON the beach.

Beach is stress free all you did to shout to release ur pains. That hurts in your hearts.

I'm ready let's start loading the bus maybe we can make a wrong turn and end up in the mountains too.