A good woman wants a real man

I didn’t realise what a really good husband I had until he was gone. You can keep the money, cars etc. There is nothing better than having someone to share your life with 😇

Make your own life. Don't depend on any man. Your happiness is your own responsibility.

A really good woman does not want money card and gifts She wants a real man who gives her time effort honest loyalty and protect her.

The only thing I want is the same amount of respect that I give to him. Once I fell to the bottom of his priority list, that is when the trouble started...

Money is not everything, if a woman thinks marrying a man who can give all material things and comfort.....then the woman should marry someone who owns a bank.Lol!

For me , I just needed to do a better job picking a mate.Sometimes we put more effort and thought into everything else in our lives.  Genuine love ,character , morals and good work ethic is everything.
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