Best Form Of Therapy

Sometimes having coffee with your best friend, is all of the therapy you need.

This is the truth.  Coffee or even a walk with a friend relieves stress and anxiety.  You share your good and bad and realize you aren't alone.

The hard part for some of us is having a friend that would want to have coffee with us.

Coffee is one of the few things you can ask to get together over. Morning coffee is special especially with your best fried.  I always enjoy my best when visit.

Therapy is best way to enhance once personality. Coffee drinker are most wiser. It is definitely the best form of therapy. 

Coffee with friend no matter if its a male or female friends. True friends. I treat all my friends equal. Chats and Laughters is the best medicine.

Sometimes you feel attached with people and you think loosing them is a nightmare..
But you know what, anyhow someday they'll be gone and your nightmare will be true dream.. So you become painful and regret yourself for trusting too much on people...
But this thing is all wrong.. you need to just focus, take a deep breath and walk away from drama instead of regretting it..
Because life is toooo short for any kind of drama, frustrations, regrets..

Keep your circle as small as possible and you will face this kind of situations very often.. :)
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