Your happiness is your own responsibility

A really good woman does not want money card and gifts
She wants a real man who gives her time effort honest loyalty and protect her.

I have never been and never will be about material things. People and feelings are so much more important. Being a priority with loyalty and honesty is the most important thing that matters to me.
Assuming that she is worthy of any of that !!  Just because she is a woman doesnt necessarily mean she automatically deserves the best that any man can give.
I believe women and man both want the same, not all men are horrible neither all women saints. Sometimes we women forget we have sons, dads, brothers, husband,etc.

I just wanted to be treated like a Queen and he would’ve got treated like a King!

I want a man to love me only to be there when I need him to be by my side always and forever. I want a handsome ,romantic, sweet and honest. Happy and always make me laugh I’m a happy person.