I respect any man who can heal a heart he didn't break & raise child he didn't make.

Women need to stop depending on a man to heal and fix them. Fix yourself before getting into the next relationship. Your future man shouldn’t have to fix what your ex did. Go into a new relationship healthy. He deserves the best you not the broken you!!

My husband has loved and raised my two kids plus we were blessed with one I feel like he has touched a million lives. No, he didn’t become a millionaire because we gave and give to those in need. He’s truly special and I’m truly blessed he’s in my life.

This situation WORKS BOTH WAYS !  MAN OR WOMAN,   each  have the problem .  Not just women .   There are many men who also have to survive a bad situation ,  and often have to raise their children and step children .   A GOOD STEP PARENT IS A BLESSING .

we all break heart mostly when we are kids not so much while we get older but i did raise a loser kid an im pround to be there for her he wasnt. They are very respectable things to do. And as long as they are genuine with no hidden agenda should be appreciated. Any one can be a good dad/father.if they want to be and if they don't you don't need them in your life. I had a brilliant dad stepdad and father - in - law sadly lost them all miss them .so treasure what you have kids what ever age you are they are gone to soon.

No man can heal any heart that's not his... he can do all that is in his power to help, but ultimately healing comes from oneself...

I have the utter most respect for both men and women who takes the role of a parent who is absent and treats that child like their own. I also have so much respect for a partner that loves a person with or without the baggage they bring to the table especially when they had very little control over it..
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