Talk to your pets like they are Human

I talk to my pets like they are human... I say sorry if I accidentally
step on them. I say excuse me if I need to get pass them. I say hello, good morning and goodbye and goodnight! Do you talk to your
pets too?

Yes. I talk to my loving  Dog he a Human for me.he just need to talk.he understand  everything he is my best friend. I  talk to him day and night. he will wait for me to eat  and wait to go bed.if I'm  sick he will never  move. Believe me your dog is your best friend.πŸΆπŸ•πŸ•πŸΆ
I even tell them where I'm going and that I'll be back soon. The two (cats) are chatty with me and we comment on all sorts of things and I'm convinced they understand most of it. :)

I talk to mine
They pay attention
Sometimes they answer
They listen better than most people
Never do they judge
Only want to love
How lucky are we to have them always there to greet us
Enjoy them
Love them
And by all means
Talk to them πŸ’œ

Yes I do. It's a very important thing to let your animals know you love them and respect them. They have feeling a just like us. They know by our ora what the day is going to be like. Then they have there own duty to try and console there owners. If you have no compassion for a animal don't own a pet.
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