Only given TODAY and never promised TOMORROW.

We are only given TODAY and never promised TOMORROW. Time passes so quickly, you literally don't notice it until it begins to show. Please don't wait to go on the trip, use the good china, eat the cake, watch the late movie or read your favorite book. Take a chance in life, the time is now! Don't live passively, live passionately while there is still time.

To bad money controls so much of what you can do. But right about never knowing how long you have. We were planning our future for after 65 & having to work less. Then he died. Now I work to cover bills & have no one to travel with.  Life if far from fair.

I've been a lot of places & experienced many things. A recent health issue reminded me I have many more memories to make. Live every day as if it's the last. Have fun. Be happy. I intend to!

Took the trip of a lifetime and got to visit with my lifetime friend; ate the best cakes, desserts and candy; using the good china a little more often; dance, kiss, hug, tell those you love and appreciate them.  Lastly, hold onto your values and remain steadfast.

I am happy to say I've done most things when I had them money and no responsibilities. I managed to spend time with people I love,and still do.!I have a closet with things are no longer   important.Because  I no longer value material things as time goes by,but I value the time I have one day at a time!!😊

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