We all experienced a lot in our life.

Don’t take people for granted. 
No matter how much they love you, 
people get tired eventually. 
We are all given chances, 
but you never know when 
the last chance may be.
That's right and for one person we've given the last chance and she blew it. No more communication with that person, toxic for us.

We should always appreciate those people who take their time in spending it with us.Time is short and we must grab the chance to be with them because we never will know if it will be the last.Let us all be grateful for their affection with us.
People get tired after awhile and have no give left.. They been emptied out completely.We all experienced a lot in our life and one of the lessons was to love and take one another as they are! By accepting our differences and not to take each other for granted!

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