Yes I'm old school and proud of it.

Yes, I’m old school. I have good manners, I show others respect and I will always help those who need me. It’s not because I’m old fashioned, it’s because I was raised properly.

I was raised properly to believe that God's way of loving is the best way to live.

I too was raised, by my lovely parents,to show respect,  to be honest,and to treat all as you which to be treated,it’s all down to good values,morals,which sadly is lacking in a lot of the young generation.

We who are old school must teach our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren the value of being respectful of ourselves & others. Respect deserves respect!

Good manners are the wisdom behind a responsible old school. Good manners cost nothing. A lot of the young generation today do not comprehend respect, loyalty and just common decency. Don't get me wrong I have come across some lovely youngsters who have a sense of what is right and wrong but I also have met a lot with none of these attributes.

Love old school. My wife & myself are old school. Today's younger generation are not so conscious of respect, loyalty, morals, etc. Yes I'm old school and proud of it. I raised my children the same way and they raised theirs the same way. I'm proud of my family. I have morals & values.I have respect for other people especially my elders. That's me that's it & that's all!

Each and every one of us, have each own different kind of attitude.It depend's on how our parent's brought up well.There's a saying, that goes like this... Education begins at home.So if your parent's educate you, since your child hood, and set as a good model teach us a good and refined manner, so it could help.But most of the individuals, had influenced by other's like,bad influenced by friends. But it depends on us how to act properly, We knew already what is bad and good towards every one The most important Is you must do good things, respect elders your parents, and most them all love god above all things.

Even if a person is raised up properly there will come a time that you have to speak up for your rights and there are many factors that affect a persons behavior.Peers,media,the environment ,spirituality etc. Just saying.You simply cannot judge a person according to his manners of speaking.I know a lot of soft spoken people and yet the heart is full of trash. 
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