The Story of the Jealous Husband, Constant criticism

The negativity usually starts with criticism. If you find that the person is constantly criticizing you in each and everything you do, it becomes difficult to stay happy in the relationship. Instead of spending that energy criticizing others, they need to use it to better themselves.

If you have a deep personality - man or woman, it's your responsibility to understand your partner, and treat him/her as she deserves. Every person has an infinite depth, no matter how shallow they feel outside. If you have an understanding of your depth, then you'll be able to see the depth in others as well. If you don't have these capabilities, then you aren't deep, you're just having an illusion of it. So, stop complaining and make your depth work in the real world. Or realize and accept that your feeling of depth needs work to make it real.

Just accept people and yourself for who they or you are period. Let's be aware of fake living don't pretend to be what you are not just to make your self miserable no body is perfect.  

Be committed and find some one who commits to the relationship too. I think that's how hearts might stay away

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Never criticize a person only God can be the judge. May the Lord God erase the negativity through th. May everyone be blessed with his mercy, love, and kindness. 

Thank you lord. In the name of the Lord, I rebuke the chain of negativity and fear they created by this post in Jesus name Amen.

Mind your own business. Never be envious of others. Avoid criticizing. Don't focus on pleasing others, you can't.. Just pray and hope they will treat you better.

One way to improve yourself is to never compare yourself to others. Some are watching you, so, just be a good example in your speech and actions. You are like a small star seen in the sky, at least you are shining.

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