You Deserve Better, Respect yourself

Sometimes the only closure you need is the understanding that you deserve better. - Trent Shelton

Self love fixes what other people have broken. Self-peace, accepting all your flaws and quirks, and loving yourself for who you are. That's a priority and a life goal. 

For some of us  it  takes time  and often times pain before we become confident enough to realize this truth. We do deserve better and always did.

That's partially true if you believe in God and that he loves you then that is all you need everything else is added to you as a bonus gift from God for giving him such pleasure seeing his creation doing well which is you. 

Try hard to believe this! you deserve someone that means what they say and wants to be a part of your life. You absolutely deserve better 💗 Took me a lot of heartache to realize that, but finally I could see it so clearly! I do deserve better unfortunately people like to cover up the truth for there own gain and power. 

or You need to be free of someone good because you are not happy with the way they live life it may seem to everyone it’s good but to you it’s keeping you from being you. Respect yourself, learn to love yourself and never settle for anything less than you deserve. 

There are those who don't have the ability to be the person you thought they were. No matter how long you stay in the relationship that fact will not change.

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