Poeple Change for Two Reasons

People usually change for two reasons. It’s either they have learned a lot, or they have been hurt a lot.

Life is change...nothing remains the same. Don't let anyone steal your joy. Smile remain humble and grateful. Spend a wonderful life & time:-)

Hurt, misunderstood and tired of ungrateful people. I'm changing for both, I feel hurts a lot that's why I learned a lot. No matter what hurts you or learned a lot..just keep going...life is still good and promising.

Experiences changed people - when the pain is too much the injured persons heart became stoic,..hard to get along with the people ..but there are people that are mature enough to handle situation that inflicted them with so much pain..and yet they changed for the better.

I have absolutely learned alot about myself . If you like me for whom I am that's awesome but if you don't then find the door.

I like what a friend of mine says, "we change because we have seen the light or we feel the fire." It takes a strong person to not change into a bitter person when we have been hurt!
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