Keep your focus, stay grounded

Learn this. Not every comment deserves a response. Some people pass snide remarks just to see how you’d respond. Don’t say a word. Better still, ignore it. Remember, you don’t have to react to everything. Keep your focus, stay grounded. 

Speak Nicely, Don't Hurt The People. Don't Use The Worng words. Respect Your Family Members & Friends . Stay Away From Arguments.

There is always right or wrong in every statements, but there's the way we learnt to understand people and their life. Whether we like it or not.

Learn to stay away from arguments and other people’s drama. They sap your energy and rob your peace of mind. It takes a mature person to not get into an argument. Stay in your lane and watch from the sidelines if you must but don’t get involved. Maintain your calmness.

Never explain yourself to anyone because the person who likes you doesn't need it and the person who dislike you won't believe it. 

Life isn’t easy. Don’t expect a smooth ride. There will be road blocks. There will be diversions. There will be detours. But these are not dead ends. 

Keep your problems in perspective. No matter how bad you think your life is, your problems are always small when you think of what others are facing. 

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