Always want my Mother

No matter how old I get, I always want my mom when I don't feel good.

Oh how I wish mom was here on earth life would be almost perfect. Miss my Mom a lot! She was my best friend.

I miss my mother every day. I find myself quoting her sayings and referring back to her practical advice often.  I never knew what a wise woman she was until after we lost her. I will always miss my mama.

I always sleep very good when I get the chance to go back home. People don't understand that.

You should be grateful if your mother is still alive. I Love mine  she’s my best friend.

It's sad when you don't have your Mom and you miss her terribly. It shattered your heart. but I just never knew how hard life was going to be without hearing her voice 😣 If you have your Mother call her, hug her and spend as much time as you can with her. Tomorrow is never promised!!!

I have an amazing mom. I love her with all my heart. I don’t know what I would do if she was no longer here with us. I’d feel like my heart would be ripped out and a peace of me would be gone . She is an amazing mom and my best friend. I love you mom .

My Mom was the best ever, always concerned about  her children, I called her everyday, sometimes twice  a day.  She was such a giving, loving mother, always put her family first.  When she passed, a piece of my heart went with her!  They walk beside us everyday never speaking, never touching but they are there.  Our guardian angels !  🙏🏻

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