Turn to God

Don't expect everyone to understand you. They haven't walked in your shoes. Turn to Almighty Lord, for only He knows what you're going through and only He can help with everything. 

Stay true to yourself. Do your own thing and don’t worry about what people say. It might not make sense to them but that’s okay. Don’t expect everyone to understand you. They don't have to. It's between you and the Almighty. So keep going!

If you’re true to yourself, whatever bad someone tries to do or whatever they did to embarrass you can only strengthen you. Don’t worry about the plotters, they will have their day. Remember, the consequences of their actions will have to be dealt with eventually. Keep going. Be true to yourself. Your journey is yours alone. Don’t imitate others! 

Never worry about people because it's their nature once they see someone having better wisdom, family, wealth, job, lifestyle & status. They start hating & being envious with him/her for no reason because that's beyond their imagination.

Always remember that reaching out to people's expectations isn't the reason for which we were created rather reaching out the expectations & making Almighty agree with our good efforts, character & conduct is the real purpose behind our life.

May God keep us safe & away from all evil eyes, hate, envy & all kinds of evil in Human. Ameen 🤲

Focus on Almighty.  Sometimes when you do your own thing you will find people that will hate you or envy you.  Remember that Almighty will protect and provide for you in this world, in this life, and after here.

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