No one is perfect in this world

I am not perfect and I do not pretend to be.  I am forgiven. I am who God has made me to be. Thank God For his Blessing, His Love, His Mercy, His teaching me how to be ever so Humble. I  was born alone, don't have a twin so I'm not afraid of dying alone.

I'm not a fake I'm not perfect either but got a good heart that's been broken to many times. 💔 

I am what i am i don't pretend to be what I'm not I'm a sinner that has ask God to forgive my sins and guide me amen. The Truth will always set us free. We are not perfect but need to stay humble and learn from previous mistakes.

I'm who l am and if you don't like it that's fine you don't have to but do not judge me untill you have walked in my shoes.

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