A strong woman will walk away

"A strong woman will automatically stop trying if she feels unwanted. She won't fix it or beg, she'll just walk away!"

A strong woman will walk away when she feels unwanted and unloved.  She is worth far more than lowering herself to be accepted by people who don't want her.

The best decision I've made. I have peace of mind. Let go of the past. Living day by day. Looking forward to a bright future.

A strong woman also forgives and loves. Just depends on the circumstances. In a perfect world this may be true. I believe in the power of forgiveness, and that no relationship is perfect. Some days you have to give more. That is for any relationship, lovers, friends, co workers etc. If you keep walking away because you're "strong" you end up with a lot of nothing. Sometimes the unwanted feeling is unjustified.  It's just that, a feeling that comes and goes in any relationship.  A real strong woman would start communicating, get help and stick around to fix the problem if she feels the relationship is worth it.  Same goes for men. 

I’ve tried everything to learn to be strong. I know what was going on was not ok but I’m deeply emotional and an empathy and I’m always the one that gets hurt because I should have walked but didn’t. You always try and fix things, but if it is only one person doing the work, then it cannot be fixed. Sometimes you walk away because you have given someone a chance a million times to change and they don't.  People get tired of being abused!

You can’t make someone love you. Respect yourself and let him go. Perhaps then he will realize the prize he once had and didn’t appreciate. Of course then, hopefully, it will be too late. 

Well some it shows the path of their life when it’s all falling apart in your life. So a strong person Won’t let the boat sink. They will save the ship before it sinks. 
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