I find a lot of people two faced, Truth Issues Quotes

Be careful who u trust and tell ur problems to: Trust is very difficult for me! Kids need to understand once they lose the trust of their parents, it's very difficult to earn it back!

I just experienced it - it is breaking my heart and spirit but I am a strong person I will stand strong and straight in this time of storm.

Smiling faces sometimes they're up to no good, as the saying goes. Beware of those Vicious, Poisonous  "SNAKES" out there.  Their bite can sometimes be deadly! And not everyone who is blood, loves you or has your best interest at heart.

I find a lot of people two faced.   As soon as you tell them something,  they run and tell someone else.   People are strange.

It’s impossible to ever understand how anyone that you did everything for could stab you in the back while telling you they loved you. Impossible to actually ever understand and get over it.

if you have secrets tell them to your dog, I promise they will never tell anyone ☺ 🐶

There are lots of lovely people out there so ignore the ones who don't behave kindly, you don't need them in your life, no one needs them!

Some of us can be very trusting of someone not really knowing them until its too late. My mother always said beware of people who smile too much. Very true and cautious words to live by.