Stay firm, Never Destroy Your Inner Peace

Don't let someone else's bad behavior destroy your inner peace:
Sometimes it is better to walk away because God has something better for you. Sometimes it's easier to say nothing then open your mouth and regret it later!

I’m glad I was strong enough to walk away and not tolerate this behaviour! No one deserves to be treated this way, no matter the circumstance!

It's a wonderful piece of advice and a perfect statement/ mantra to live by.  We all deserve to have peace in our lives and remove negativity from our lives. 

Never destroy your inner Peace, learned to be hard way some people really have no mercy, Even when you are at the lowest, Some people have a habit of proving themselves always right at any cost, If I dealt with this I just walked away, No words from you, let them to be frustrated, because you didn’t react at all.

Stay away from them gain nothing from that kind of people maybe got an influence by their negative attitude towards other people so keep your distance. I always keep myself away from such people because my inner peace is invaluable.

This is hard to do when you work with them on a daily basis and nothing but negatively comes from them. I already struggle with anxiety & depression so their behavior doesn’t help at all.  It’s extremely hard to ignore when you are in it five days a week! I’ve been praying about for for a very long time! 😢🙏

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