God I pray for healing for my love ones

Today, I pray that God heals every person that is living in pain. Amen
May this prayer be heard and answered for all of us who live with chronic pain.  It's debilitating. I thank you ALMIGHTY GOD in advance.

Lord please help all of us who suffer in silence about things we do not talk about! Help everyone fighting battles for  a win in life! Thank you Lord! Also let people who are suffering from unhappiness find  happiness, please in your name.

Dear God, I pray for those people who lives in pain, weather it's physiclly or emotionally. Lord, touch them and heal their hearts. Fill their hearts peace of mind. Amen

My LORD You are the greatest physician and I pray for your divine healing upon this nation, from the very crown of their head to the soul of their feet. Be it physically, mentally, spiritually,emotionally in Jesus name. Amen.🙏
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