I'm looking forward to it, A blessing

Thank you Lord for everything you have done in my life already and in the future! Amen
This year is a year of abundant blessings. Thank you God for more things coming on my way with little struggle.

Thank U God, for answering all prayers that they ask for, in pain, stressful,  and most in need your help for anything, we thee thank you Lord, Prayers really really, Prayers changes things and the very best weapon on earth, Love you God!! 

Lord you know how long I have been suffering. All things come through you, and if you see fit to eliminate or eliviate my chronic pain your Blessing would be wonderous. Amen. I ask you God to bless you all through your healing power with good health and a body free of pain.

How wonderful. Enjoy every moment. Sending love, light and healing throughout your holiday and life together.

Everything is possible with God, who is our very source. Thank you in advance.

Dear God there have been so many illnesses and people going through rough times please heal those who are suffering and shed some brightness in our days!

God, thank you for the trial and tribulations in my life that reveal what is really inside of me. Thank you for allowing me to recognize where I need help and thank you for being patient with me to work on me a prepare me for your kingdom within me that I may spend eternity with you!
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