Be careful in telling your problems to people

There are lot of backstabbers nowdays so we have to be careful in telling our problems to people. Tell all your problems to God cause he will surely grant you answer/solution for the problems. He is our best secret keeper.

Be careful who you trust and tell your problems to. It's greed and self centered people. Especially in family. Working together toward a common goal it's the 'me' factor. The 'you work for me.' I'll grab as much as I can for me factor. Especially in the death of a loved family member. But for truly good people there is no other way but to do it right. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

God always first but it's sad if you dont have at least 1 person you know loves you to share and pray for you. Those Godly friends are hard to find.

Thank you God that I have been  blessed with someone I trust and can depend on we also pray for each other a  true Godley person is hard to find these days but my God put this person in my path and we have much trust in each other.

I thought honesty was the Best Thing to be but Learned To keep to myself as everyone truly don't appreciate it .But it's okay For God does and that's Good enough for me.

I leave it to God to assist me, rather than bare it to a world with those seeking weakness to take advantage of it. Besides, people have enough of their own problems to be burdened with any of mine.

That’s for sure! I have been hurt so many times for trusting a few people. I like being by myself, can’t get into trouble.