A gently happiness is always feel good in our heart

Don't let people bring you down.  Keep your head up.   Everybody goes through tough times.  Don't judge.  Listen.

Happiness is generated from inside an inner peace which makes you feel happy and content where you see the world with a positive eye and tries to spread the Light of joy to everyone and feels pride in sharing the gift of Lord.

Happiness is the paint with which your experience is created. It's more of an energy flowing through you than something you choose.

Everyone’s value of happiness is different, of course. But as far as you think you are happy, don’t judge others.

God is my everything guiding me through my intuition with love. I love you dearest God.

A gently happiness is always feel good in our heart.

What I've been saying all this time, happiness is an inside job. It must come from inside you, nothing and no one can give it to you.

Be happy always! Worry for small things or unnecessary things will make you upset and stress yourself. Enjoy life.. Amen!!