A Parents Prayer, My Prayer for kids

A Parent's prayer: Lord, I ask you to protect my children physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and in every way. Amen.

Thank you Lord , for your wonderful gift of love. May you help us to guide them and help them to get through successful life. Amen !

O God thank you so much for your love , protection  and guidance to me for my. Children and grandchildren amen

Thank you Lord for giving us wonderful beautiful children we have , they are our greatest treasures and love of our lives...we're so grateful, so thankful and so proud of them....thank you Lord for the grace of faith please continue to give us all life with so much love, peace and joy now and forever ...Amen....
When I'm not with my grown children, I pray for their safety and happiness. Lord I praise you and thank you and also asked you to put a hedge of protection around them. I pray for their good health and safety please watch them.
I pray and interact with daughter all my grandchildren nieces and nephews and their children.