Thank you Lord for the gift of life each day

I am always thankful for all the blessing the good Lord gives to me and my family and friends everyday.  To my family and friends I love you today tomorrow and forever!

We should always be grateful no matter what happens always says thank you lord. 

God is all knowing GOD. Without   Him in our life our life would be miserable. Go on, Trusting Him and He' ll  gonna show us how amazing  and mighty He is.amen.Thanks Lord. 

Live each moment of every day!  Let the past be the past and let life present itself!

You must be thankful to God what ever  life  you have today all your sucess hardships and trials, without God were nothing to Him.. The best way to achieve your day is to be thankful to God every morning for the another day of life. 

Indeed we have to appreciate God for giving us a new day and a new beginning is not by our power nor our might but by his grace keep us going.

This is the Truth. Thankful that I have God in my life who helps me to carry on through the thick and the thin of life!!

Thank you God for my Sons and All my Friends I've met through my life. I have so many happenings to remember & look back on. ♥️

Yes Lord im always thankful for each day you give me, and all the many many blessings. Amen.

Don’t take life for Granted, you never know from one day to the next.
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