Most Inspiring Words to Live by, Practise the right path

Three things you should never break: Promises, Trust, and Someone’s heart.

Always consider the other person feelings when you do something. Appreciate the person you have in your live. We might forget a lot of things that we do. But the Almighty always keep an eye on us. Never take anyone for granted.

And when all these are broken your battle to survive is tough yet the strongest person you become after.
It is rare to see somebody who has never experienced a broken heart; often times it inevitable. Promises should always be kept and yes it's true: often times I have trust issues! But life goes on and it is Good!😊

Really that is all I have ever experienced; promises were made just so they could be broken; after that happening so many times trust was permanently broken; and my heart has been broken so many times I can't find all the pieces.
Yes and all three have been broken. It’s always someone wants to break my heart never could understand why when I always give. 
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