We learn from people, Life's Journey Lessons

True words - I wish I met some people a little earlier, some a little later, and some never at all.
Love this, however the ones that came and went - for whatever reason - have been there to teach a lesson and help us grow.

However, Every encounter prepares us for the next. we should become wiser every time gain wisdom. There’s something to be learned from everyone you meet we just have to listen.

Whatever happens to us will make us better and stronger. We tend to get stronger at the broken places of our lives and become better human beings. I thank God for even the negative people in my life because they taught me a lesson or whatever doesn't destroy you makes you strong.

Your wishes may not be actually good for you. Leave the decision on God, then He gives you the best.

So what happened to “Some people come to your life as lessons others as blessings”

Wishing that you met some people earlier in life only come when you are in some kind of emotional upheaval and you need them to ease the burden. Other wise , for me I am more grateful when I met them at the right time meaning I am enjoying life and is happy every moment with these people.
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