Money does not make life happy

Remember with love those who have left us, and be thankful for the legacy they have left us,our children,grandchildren and memories in our hearts.

I am so blessed to have my family and friends in my life! I love them all unconditionally ♥️

Thank you Lord for your Blessings Very Thankful For all you've Given Me in my life My Family & Friends.

How true is this? You certainly find out who are the genuine and caring friends when problems occur.
The riches that come with the golden people in your life lasts forever and you CAN take them "with you ". ;)

MONEY is a necessity yet it can destroy a person if that's all they have in their life to look forward to.

Material things I can take or leave.....good people that are a support system are worth more than "things".

That’s the truth for sure material things are only things that can be replaced good friends and family can’t be replaced.

It is a Reality of life. quality time with my family in a simple way makes happy memories.

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