Look positive in every situation you encountered

Train your mind to see the good in every situation: And training takes a conscious effort, until it becomes automatic, part of you.

It's the heart and attitude which makes you take the best of life being happy and relax and enjoy life to its end limits.

It's good advice but some times the good is very hard to find. There are situations that are pure evil.
Not Always possible! If you need to be sad then just be sad. If you feel angry then just  be angry! Good is not in every situation unfortunately. That's life. So important to deal and acknowledge your feels, accept them but move on and don't dwell on them forever and it's perfectly okay to ask for help in doing  this.

Trying to be positive in difficult times may not solve the problem but it will help us to handle the problem better.

To train our mind is not easy as we though.Many challenge many trails we will facing.Failure of love is normal in our life.Think positive and move forward.