I always try to tell the truth

Sometimes telling the truth might cause you to lose some fans and friends, but in the end you will win God's love and favor, and He is the best friend to keep.

A relationship with God is the most important and sweet relationship you can have in your life!

I ask God to guide us his straight path.

Truthfulness includes being truthful towards God by worshipping Him sincerely; being truthful towards one’s own soul by making it adhere to the laws of God; and being truthful with people in one's words and by keeping one's promises, and in dealings such as buying, selling and marriage, so there should be no deceiving, cheating, falsifying or withholding of information. Thus a person should be the same on the inside and the outside.

That is Good for us to linked our relationship directly to Almighty God. That's why we must stand firmly for our convictions in the face of personal pressure. May God grant us guidance.