Treat people with kindness love, it costs nothing

I'm impressed by the way you treat other people.
I dont care how much money you have, what great job title you hold or who you know. How you treat other when they are taking your order or has made a mistake defines your character. How you treat your neighbors, friends or family when they need your kindness and not your bitterness. The way you react when your back is against the wall tells a lot about a person.
I was never impressed of any material thing im contented enough of what i have from my own earnings i was impressed to the people who have good heart and not fooling of anybody.

Doing impressive to others...makes me feel glad...that this kind of person is still exist...may God grant you an everlasting love..🙏

Sometimes people’s self esteem has suffered so much damage some people think by making other people look bad it makes them look good! Unfortunately there’s someone who agrees with them!

I'm impressed how somebody treats humans and animals. Unfortunately greed and evil rules this world.

Sometimes, money & status impress us, but if their behaviour is demeaning to others, the shine quickly goes away.