My precious daughter

I pray that I gave all of my children this! Couldn't say it any better, My daughter has all of these qualities and more, she's AWESOME in every way 💕

This is spot on for my daughter I love her to the moon and back, she is an amazing and very special person.

My daughter is very special to me. She is the gift God gave me in my life and I love her very much 💕.  God bless you now and always. She does everything 4 me. My daughter is awesome she's the light of my life. Thank you God for my gift.

I love my Precious daughter! She has gone through so much horror in her life and she has had the courage to get through it, without much help.  I am so proud of her.  My unconditional love for her is unimaginable❤️

She is a BLESSING and a TREASURE to me. I CHERISH HER MORE THEN SHE CAN IMAGINE! I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART! I love my beautiful caring daughters more than anything but I also love the fact that they have given me such beautiful grandchildren and great grandchildren . Never knew there could be such love. Truly blessed 💕

To my amazing and beautiful daughters love you to the moon and back. My gorgeous daughter's  that's what I wish for them. Great words of wisdom to teach daily to our daughters.

To my beautiful daughter love her more than words can say 😍  I do love you very much honey, and this is so true of you 🌹💞💋 I am so proud of you. I’m Blessed my daughter has all these things: Confidence, Ability, Love 😘
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