I see pain, mistakes and heart ache

When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heart ache. When I look in the mirror I see strength, learned lessons and pride in myself.

With this all things means is.. We became mature.. Whatever circumstances in life that's only a temporary thing.. Just hold on.. God always there for us.. As long we depend on Him!!!

Well who ever taught you all that about themselves  & about you, is regretting you feeling this way, your not the type of person to just let go.... they should have seen you for you......& held on tight.

I've made it through the rain. For many decades and hopefully one day soon the Sun will shine. Life is an adventure and I'll never say it's been something I couldn't handle. I'm just very thankful everyday when my eyes open.

Life has its ups and downs   Good times bad times. Easy times hard times  but all in all it was ok.  We got through it  because we put our trust in the Lord Almighty and carried on.  Ameen ❤️ Still you have many changes to come and you are fit for that.

I'm very thankful to GOD, trials and painin my life so hard to struggle but i never give up because GOD is there to uplift me even in the worst time ,so a millions thanks dear Lord.
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