Every morning is a wonderful blessing from God

Never take life for granted cause it will can turn on a dime. I Am Thankful For Everything God Is Good. A good thought to start each day you wake. Everyday is a gift and I am so thankful to be here. To be grateful is one of the key of happiness. I have always said that and truthfully believe it. If we could all remember this each morning it would be a blessing.
Everyday is a good day for me I'm thankful for all my beautiful blessings my dear Lord has given me. Lost a lot of friends made everything more hard hope to make more friends. Thank you Lord for blessing me this morning, yes to wake up it's a blessing. Amen. GOOD moring family and friends Have a blessed day.

Life is good and bad, but our focus or realization should be that one day it will be ''all good'' or ''all bad''.
Grateful each day I am up and still able to move. Grateful I still can be in my home... Imprinted in my memory is the look when the special person in my life had to be placed... every morning I wake up with new vigour to start my new day with new enthusiasm.