Cherish each minute of life

Be thankful for today, because in one moment, your entire life could change - This is so true.  It’s that one moment that your life can be turned upside down. Never the same again!

I'm greatful & blessed to have a beautiful family. That I love & they love me. We must cherish our loved ones tell them we love them because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. Amen πŸ™πŸ§‘πŸ™

Make a point to let hour friends and family know that you cherish them for being in your life.

True things happen so fast these days knowing this makes me want to be as close to the ones I love even more than ever because I don't know how much longer we have together. 

I thank you lord for letting me live each and every beautiful day in my life. I love you lord with all my heart ♥️ πŸ™

Thank you God for your many blessings that we receive each and every day for our families and for our friends I am truly grateful and blessed.Amen 

Appreciate those that are in your life, show them by your actions  how much you love them now! 

Life is fragile. Handle with prayer and great care. God knows the way the wind blows, so trust him with your tomorrows. Thank God for every minute. You never know what life is going to hand you. I do try to Cherish each minute of my life, that God gives me!
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