A person with a kind and caring heart

The person with a good heart gets hurt because of their good nature. I think everyone goes through rough times but it's the good-hearted who are affected most by it.

Why does being a loving, kind, caring and thoughtful person have to hurt so much and especially with the people that mean the most.

That's because manipulators take advantage of Good Hearted people.

Let’s turn to positive view and that person with a good heart allow it.
That's how I get treated when I try to help someone and they won't help me back.

I use to get told that on a regular basis, but I think I was to kind hearted one to many times. It will turn you in to cold hearted as time passes. When people mistake kindness for weakness.

The givers keep in giving and the takers keep on taking. Good Heart People are blessed with a deeper Resilience. Don't let people use & abuse YOU!  
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