Life is short to wait, I keep going and don't turn back

Life is not that easy finding someones who lift you up. But I've never given up. One day, she/he will comes! My feelings exactly, like me or not, I like me and God Loves me. I am happy in my life.
I used to worry about things like this "who likes me and who dislikes me" not anymore Life is way too short l learned the hard way Some people hold a grudge and it becomes a lifetime things So true life goes on with or without you Ameen Thank you.

This is something positive to live by. And i'm blessed to have wonderful friends. People need to realize I'm always here for them so Dont do me wrong why would you that's messed up now I can't help you or  be there for you at all you messed that up cause you stole from me thanks and you know who you you are.